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March 23, 2010

Sign of the Apocalypse

As predicted, the "F**k Ratner" sign is the biggest Atlantic Yards story since, well, since maybe ever.

NY Post, Bruce Ratner greeted with not-so-welcoming sign in Brooklyn

Developer Bruce Ratner got a special message today he’ll likely never forget when someone hacked into an electronic traffic sign near his Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, manipulating it to flash "F—- Ratner."

Ratner being a target of expletives in the neighborhood is not a shock.

He is Public Enemy No. 1 to many for convincing the state to use eminent domain to take private property and displace residents for Atlantic Yards. Turner Construction, which Ratner hired as lead contractor, earlier this month kicked off construction a few blocks away on Atlantic Yard’s centerpiece — an NBA arena for the Nets. Turner controls the traffic sign, which is supposed to inform drivers that Fifth Avenue is now closed from Flatbush to Atlantic avenues to pave the way for the project.

A white box below the large sign contains a typing pad for what is known as a "variable message" system. According to local merchants it was unlocked for days, allowing anyone to get in.

Turner workers were later seen closing up the box with barbed wire and resetting the password. One worker said it appeared that the prankster figured out the password. Another specifically blamed opponents of the project.

"They are a bunch of juvenile idiots," he said.

NoLandGrab: We know you are but what are we?

BrooklynPaper.com, UPDATE! Someone really doesn’t like Atlantic Yards (also at NYPost.com)

An opponent of the Atlantic Yards hacked into a digital traffic sign on Flatbush Avenue near developer Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-project on Tuesday, manipulating it to flash the message, “F—k Ratner.”

Best-reader-comment award goes to "Jaimie from Brooklyn Heights":

How dare you publish this? That word is filth - I want to wash my computer screen after reading this so-called article. I would never have expected the word "Ratner" to appear on a family newspaper site.

NYMag.com [Daily Intel], Opposition to Atlantic Yards Eloquently Expressed via Electronic Traffic Sign

For two hours today, an electronic traffic sign near the Atlantic Yards development was not directing traffic at all. Instead of reading "Fifth Avenue Closed, Flatbush to Atlantic," it displayed a message of protest against the controversial Bruce Ratner–helmed project, in two simple words: "Fuck Ratner." Nobody knows the identity of the culprit who broke into the sign's control box and altered the display, but whoever they are, they probably haven't stopped laughing since this morning.

Coney Media, Consider this: Tens of thousands of your readers drive by a sign bearing an unarguably obscene word. The bloggers run it. How about you?

If you’re the NY Times, you edit the photo.

The scene is near the controversial Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, NY (planned future home to the NJ Nets). “Ratner” on the sign refers to Bruce Ratner, the project’s politically-connected developer.


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