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March 23, 2010

New Jersey Nets executive Brett Yormark regrets confrontation with bag-wearing fan

NY Daily News
by Julian Garcia

All the "F**k Ratner" sign talk today almost made us forget about Nets CEO Brett Yormark's crazy antics during the team's loss last night to the Miami Heat, a story that's getting more ink than any Nets-related story since, well, since maybe ever.

[Photo: Antonelli/Daily News]

Brett Yormark, the Nets executive who got into a shouting match with a bag-wearing fan at Monday night's game at the Meadowlands, issued a statement earlier Tuesday regarding the incident. And he wasn't exactly apologetic.

Saying Nets fans have been "great" throughout this "tough season," Yormark defended his decision to confront a fan in the second row who was wearing a bag over his head between the third and fourth quarters of Monday night's 99-89 loss to the Heat. The Nets fell to 7-63 and are on pace to break the all-time record for fewest wins in a season.

According to the fan - Chris Lisi of Middletown, N.J. - Yormark asked him why he was wearing the bag, and when he responded with a sarcastic, "Because the Nets are so good," Yormark snapped at him.


NoLandGrab: It would seem that the self-serving Yormark, based on his non-apology apology, "regrets" the confrontation because it was caught by photographers. We stand by our call for his resignation.

Related coverage...

The Star-Ledger, Nets CEO Brett Yormark issues statement on argument with fan

[Photo: Tim Farrell/The Star-Ledger]

The Nets this afternoon released a statement from the team's CEO, Brett Yormark, who got into an argument with a fan Monday night, during the Nets' 99-89 loss to the Miami Heat at Izod Center. The fan was seated courtside, in the second row of seats, opposite the Nets' bench and near where Yormark sits during games.

“Our fans have been great and they’ve stuck with us through a tough season,'' Yormark says in the statement. "I did not agree with the way this person expressed his opinion of our team last night and I let him know. It’s been a frustrating season for all of us, but I will continue to stand up for our players, our fans, and our organization. We have an exciting future ahead and we appreciate all of our fans’ support.”

Ball Don't Lie [Yahoo! Sports], Don't even try to wear a bag on your head to a Nets game

Speaking truth to power has its consequences, such as ferocious finger-pointing and getting yelled at.

Of course, Yormark had the last laugh — the bag-headed Lisi actually bought tickets to a Nets game. You win again, corporate infrastructure.

NorthJersey.com, NETS BLOG: Team CEO vs. bag-wearing fan

Earlier this season, there were a few fans wearing paper bags over their heads when the Nets lost their record 18th consecutive game to start this campaign.

Our guess is some more fans will be wearing bags tonight after the publicity this received. And Yormark probably will respond with some type of giveaway for the remaining home games to show he still appreciates the fans.

“We play for each other out on the court,” Courtney Lee said. “No one pays attention to the fans – they’re going to cheer or they’re not."

NLG: If the Nets' lack of effort hadn't clued you in, there you have it — the Nets don't care about you.

NBC New York, Humiliated by Brown Bag, Facts, Nets CEO Yells at Fan

Just when you thought the Nets' season couldn't get any worse, it did.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Fan 1, CEO 0

In Indiana, they regard basketball as more than just a land-grab Trojan horse.

It's one thing to be lousy. It's another to be lousy and have skin so thin you can see through it.

That's pretty much the story these days for the 7-63 New Jersey Nets and their CEO, Brett Yormark, aka Mr. Sensitive.

If he'd have been smart, he'd have bought the guy a beer and offered him tickets to the next home game. Of course, if he were smart, his team wouldn't be 7-63.

Game On! [USA Today], Nets CEO takes on sack-headed fan

Beware making fun of the woeful New Jersey Nets when team CEO Brett Yormark is anywhere near, as a fan wearing a paper bag over his head learned last night.

Meantime, the fireworks failed to inspire the Nets. The 99-89 loss to the Heat was their 14th consecutive defeat at home as they fell to 7-63 and stayed on pace to break the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers' NBA record of 73 losses in a season.

NYMag.com, Nets CEO Can’t Believe Fans Think His Team Stinks

Last night, the Nets lost their fourteenth consecutive home game — they sure are sending out their East Rutherford digs with a bang — and fans commemorated the occasion as fans often do: By putting a paper bag over their heads. (To exemplify embarrassment, not to asphyxiate themselves, as far as we know.) No big deal, right? It happens.

ESPN.com, CEO, fan of 7-win Nets square off

The New Jersey Nets' sad-sack season appeared to hit another low Monday night when CEO Brett Yormark shouted at a fan wearing a paper bag over his head.

Off the Dribble [NY Times blog], For Team Management, Nets Are Not Bag-Worthy

Yormark is a relentless marketer trying to sell a miserable team that will move to Newark in the fall and to Brooklyn two years or more after that. It is surprising that Yormark has not found a sponsor for Angry Fan Bag Night.

NLG: "Relentless marketer?" How about prevaricating huckster? Our advice to Yormark, who's endless self-promotion script has him getting by on three hours' sleep a night: sleep in — after you resign.

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