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March 23, 2010

Hacked Traffic Sign Takes Aim At Atlantic Yards Developer

NY1 News

Yup, already more coverage of the "F**k Ratner" sign than of the fact that he failed to make a mortgage payment for 10 Metrotech last week.

But NY1 does have video! And you have to love that they got there before anyone from Forest City could reprogram the sign.

An electronic sign in Brooklyn turned a few heads this morning as it took aim at the developer of the controversial Atlantic Yards Project.

The sign, which directed a vulgar word at developer Bruce Ratner, appeared this morning on Saint Marks Avenue and Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights.

It was up for a couple of hours before crews were able to fix it.

"It's funny, there's a lot of opposition in the area for it. It affects businesses and people that live here, you know?" said another [resident]. "And I think it's pretty clever, actually."


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Be sure to take the Daily News's poll, currently logging an 85% approval rating.

Rush hour commuters in Brooklyn early Tuesday got an eyeful of a special message for Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner.

Steve de Seve, a local activist behind several recent anti-Yards stunts, said he had nothing to do with it - but added that many people could be the culprit.

The Department of Transporation said the developer was in charge of maintaining the sign.

NoLandGrab: Forest City Ratner really should take better care to protect the community from this type of affront. Can the city fine them for displaying a vulgar message?

The L Magazine, Atlantic Yards Construction Sign Expresses Opposition to Atlantic Yards

Ground may be broken and streets may be closing, but even the construction signs being used to facilitate Atlantic Yards' city-assisted mega-development in Downtown Brooklyn are opposed to the project, as evidenced by this shot of a detour sign in Prospect Heights this morning that just appeared at Curbed.

BrooklynPaper.com, BREAKING! Someone really doesn’t like Atlantic Yards

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