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March 23, 2010

Unscheduled Detour at Atlantic Yards Site

City Room
by Andy Newman

Let us make a prediction (and save Norman Oder the trouble): the hacked-sign story will get more ink than the give-away of naming rights worth hundred of millions of dollars, or the 25-year build-out, or the false hoods about billions of dollars in economic benefit, or...

Opponents of Atlantic Yards may have lost the battle to stop the bulldozers, but they have hardly given up the fight.

On Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, near where ground was broken this month on the project’s sports arena, a temporary traffic sign at St. Marks Avenue notifies drivers, “Fifth Avenue Closed, Flatbush to Atlantic.” At least it did until this morning.

At some point, someone changed the legend on the sign to a more succinct two-word instruction, the second word of which was “Ratner,” meaning Bruce Ratner, mastermind of Atlantic Yards.

The first word was one of the verbs you are least likely to read on Nytimes.com.

The identity of the sign’s tweaker remains a mystery. City Room called Daniel Goldstein of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, which has directed many pieces of street theater in opposition of the project over the years.

Mr. Goldstein said he had nothing to do with the modification.

“I didn’t know anything about it until someone told me they saw it,” Mr. Goldstein said, adding that the pool of potential suspects was large. “If it wasn’t obvious already, people are angry with the project.”


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Electronic road sign hacking, all the rage in March '09, has made an anniversary comeback on Flatbush and St. Marks Avenue in Prospect Heights this morning. And so personal! But you have to admit, the message is certainly a lot more pithy than running through all those complicated Atlantic Yards street closures.

Brooklynian.com, F**k Ratner

Garden Grass and Crap, Don't Mess With Brooklyn

As many who live in New York City know, there is a big project set to start soon in Brooklyn designed by a man named Bruce Ratner. He will be building a massive stadium for the (Brooklyn?) Nets. It is in an area where bars, stores and homes are being shut down due to eminent domain to build this monster. In my opinion, this project is going to be a shit show. I know people agree with me since someone took it upon themselves to change a sign near the location to make their point clear.

Eastern Cynic, Ratner In Area. RUN!

While it's not nearly as funny as the zombie road signs in Austin—maybe it was an early warning about the hordes of hipsters attending this year's SxSW—anything that involves reprogramming a road sign and slagging off the Developer Who Would Be King Of Downtown Brooklyn, Bruce Ratner, gets a gold star.

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