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December 3, 2008

WFAN host Carton to Yormark: "You're not moving to Brooklyn"

Atlantic Yards Report

Someone not named Norman Oder or The Brooklyn Paper calls a Ratner henchman out on a lie:

WFAN host Craig Carton of the show "Boomer & Carton" hasn't drunk the Brett Yormark Kool-Aid. Interviewing the Nets CEO yesterday, Carton told Yormark at the end of the segment that "I think you've lied to me twice" and "I'm going to call you on it when I prove these to be lies later on in your tenure with the Nets."

Yormark denied that he lied. Then again, to another WFAN interviewer in September 2007, Yormark said groundbreaking would be that fall and asserted, unequivocally, "We'll be in Brooklyn for the 09-10 season."

CC: "Let's get down to the bottom line. You're not moving to Brooklyn."

BY: "We are moving to Brooklyn."

CC: "You're not moving to Brooklyn."

BY: "We're moving to Brooklyn."

CC: "Why can't you come clean and just be honest. How are you moving to Brooklyn? They haven't put a shovel in the ground yet... Give me a realistic time frame."

BY: "A realistic time frame is in Brooklyn, operating in the summer of 2011, being there for the 11-12 season."

CC: "So three years from this season... and you will bounce a basketball in an arena in Brooklyn in three years?"

BY: "Absolutely. Convinced of it."

It's hard to tell from the audio if Yormark's pants were on fire, but Carton also gave Yormark a chance to come clean about an offer from the Miami Dolphins, but alas, poor Yormark didn't bite.


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