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December 3, 2008

Lessons from the Ward Bakery demo

AK-WardBakeryCornice.jpg Noticing New York, Landmarks Preservation Commission: Will Times Special Series Have it All Covered?
Michael D. D. White wonders if the NY Times will ever understand the significance of Bruce Ratner's demolition of the Ward Bakery building:

Just as there is no legitimate need to destroy cornices, round-arched windows and serpentine ornamentation first, there was no need to destroy the Ward Bakery Building so soon. It will probably be decades hence if it is ever replaced by Ratner at all. Still, this kind of demolition, driven by Ratner’s inverse values, continues today as he targets for demolition first that which has greatest value to the community. The current case in point is the demolition of three attractive town houses on Dean Street.

Atlantic Yards Report, The Ward Bakery gets an LPC dis (and a timing error) in the Times
Norman Oder notes that the Times finally mentions the Ward Bakery building, but only gets a clue about when it was demolished after the fact:

Yesterday the bakery got a mention in a long round-up article, though an unnamed LPC spokesperson was given the last word, suggesting that losing the bakery was no big deal.
The Times's belated attention to the topic is underscored by the newspaper of record's inability to figure out when the Ward Bakery was actually demolished, even though the demolition was completed at the end of October, just as the LPC was considering a proposed Prospect Heights Historic District that comes very close to the Atlantic Yards footprint.

...the article as published in print (and in a database) incorrectly reports that the bakery was demolished last year.

However, the online version of the article corrects the record without acknowledging the error.

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