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October 31, 2007

AY, bringing you a better BoCoCa

BoCoCa.gifThe Brooklyn Daily Eagle brings us news that London's Daily Telegraph has declared that Manhattan is so passé and Brooklyn is, like, the new Manhattan. Key to generating that Manhattan-y feeling is Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards mega high-rise and arena project, which is fine if you want to live in "BoCoCa Rat-on."

“Manhattan is overhyped, overpriced and just plain over. BoCoCa is the new place to be — and to buy,” declares U.K. newspaper The Daily Telegraph in an article about Brooklyn’s increasing appeal to foreign buyers.
Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens (also known as BoCoCa) are the neighborhoods most popular with European buyers, charmed by “the low-altitude architecture — you have a lot of sky here and by the sense of community,” said a Prudential Douglas Elliman vice president, Terry Naini. “You have the butcher’s shop down the street, for example, and it feels more familiar than going to a huge mall, which mostly these days is what Manhattan has turned into.”
Many people here would say Brooklyn’s now-coveted lifestyle is also being threatened by overdevelopment, unaffordable rents and mortgages, and the “chainification” that has already gobbled up so many Manhattan storefronts, culminating in a seemingly unfavorable transformation known as “Manhattanization.” Opponents of the Atlantic Yards basketball arena and 16 high-rise development point to that project as the ultimate symbol of this transformation.

But the Telegraph said the project, and the planned Brooklyn Bridge Park, are bolstering BoCoCa’s housing market.


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