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October 31, 2007

Audit AY? Probably not this comptroller

Atlantic Yards Report


While the Independent Budget Office has done its own reasonably detailed (though still incomplete) cost-benefit study of Atlantic Yards, the question remains: would Thompson ever audit Atlantic Yards expenditures to advise the public "of the City's financial condition"?

It's too early for an audit, most likely, but Thompson isn't exactly in a position to scrutinize Atlantic Yards carefully. He has already signed on as a project supporter.

His cheerleading letter, citing jobs and revenues without acknowledging costs, appears as part of a document filed in the challenge to the Atlantic Yards environmental review. Did campaign contributions to Thompson from friends and relatives of Bruce Ratner play a part?

Read the complete article to learn more about how Thompson dedicates the resources of his office to uncover a couple of million here and there of wasted city money, but will probably never go near one of the City's biggest boondoggles ever.

Posted by lumi at October 31, 2007 8:53 AM