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October 31, 2007

Scholarship vs. a study for Ratner: the contradictions of Professor Zimbalist

Atlantic Yards Report

ZimbalistEyes.jpg Sports economist Andrew Zimbalist explains what a "promotional study" is, and then issues one himself for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards plan.

Zimbalist and Noll wrote that "promotional studies" often introduce faulty assumptions, such as that "a stadium does not impose additional, security, infrastructural, or environmental costs on the city."
But consider Estimated Fiscal Impact of the Atlantic Yards Project on the New York City and New York State Treasuries, the updated June 2005 report Zimbalist did (with no peer review) as a paid consultant for Forest City Ratner.
Consider this passage:

FCRC has made an initial estimate of the city’s operating expenses at Atlantic Yards. Based on conversations with former budget officials, FCRC concludes that the increment in fire and police budgets would be negligible.

That's just one case of what Zimbalist might deem an "unrealistic assumption," that is, if he weren't poking himself in the eye.

Check out the full article for a couple more.

Posted by lumi at October 31, 2007 9:18 AM