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September 21, 2012

ArtBridge is back, putting art on fences outside arena and TV van parking lot

Atlantic Yards Report

The organization ArtBridge, which a year ago spruced up some Atlantic Yards construction fencing by curating original art to be placed there, is back with the obliquely titled new installation, Intersections:

ArtBridge is pleased to return to the site of the Barclays Center with its latest installation, Intersections. In the works by the eight artists featured in the exhibition, lines meet, colors collide, and patterns form and break apart. Some are orderly, others unpredictable and at large scale in the public realm, can be seen as artful, if not playful interpretations of the varied rhythms of the urban environment that surrounds us.

The title may also conjure up thoughts of the less than salubrious intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues.

However the fences are the Sixth Avenue side of the arena near Dean Street and also outside the parking lot for TV trucks.


Photo: Atlantic Yards Report

Posted by eric at September 21, 2012 12:39 PM