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April 20, 2012

Our Crime Epicenter: The Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center Malls

The Local [Fort Greene/Clinton Hill]
by Kyle Thomas McGovern

The big joke, of course, is that crack Environmental Impact Study consultants AKRF ascribed virtually all the crime in the area to the adjacent neighborhood — you know, the one Bruce Ratner wanted to bulldoze.

The Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center malls aren’t just hubs for Fort Greene shoppers and commuters — they’re also the neighborhood hotspots for criminals.

The adjoining shopping centers, owned and developed by Atlantic Yards master builder Bruce Ratner, have been the site of at least 26 reported crimes, and countless other thefts, making it the singular crime epicenter in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct.

Just this year, there have been at least:

  • 14 purses and wallets stolen.
  • Four reported — and countless unreported — incidents of shoplifting.
  • Two victims losing $1,200 in an iPad scam.
  • Two fights.
  • Three muggings or attempted muggings.
  • One theft of a bicycle.

The crime is so bad that the 88th Precinct’s commanding officer, Capt. Scott Henderson, is quick to remind shoppers to stay alert.

“I can’t stress this enough: Close your pocketbook, keep it close to your person, don’t leave the purse in the shopping cart,” he said.


NoLandGrab: Better yet, just stay out of them altogether.

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