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March 20, 2012

"Brooklynized" water and Barclays Center: teasing out the ironies, plus the Yormark connection

Atlantic Yards Report

Can "Brooklynized" water be recreated in a lab and marketed by a Florida company?

And then can it be sold, straight-faced, to people in Brooklyn, who could get "Brooklyn" water through a much easier process, especially when the water is the subject of a lawsuit challenging its authenticity?

That's the subject of a brief article I have today in New York magazine's Grub Street blog, which points to the contrast with Bruce Ratner's professed interested in authentic Brooklyn purveyors.

Below, much more detail, including--natch--the role of the ubermarketing Yormark twins.

(The New York Post has a follow-up too, with no credit to the Grub Street story that inspired it. But the Post has the news that the water will be bottled in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and upstate New York, and dismay from local bagel makers. All that's been previously announced is that the water, not the bagels, would be sold at the arena. But the Post is right in characterizing how arena operators "grudgingly confirmed" the Brooklyn water deal; after all, it has not been played up.)


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NY Post, Florida-based 'Brooklyn Water' and bagels coming to Nets' Barclays Center

The locally monikered H2O, called "Brooklyn Water," will actually be produced in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and upstate New York, company officials confirmed.

"There’s nothing Brooklyn about this water," cracked Councilwoman Letitia James (D-Brooklyn), a longtime critic of the arena.

And as part of the Barclays Center deal, the company’s subsidiary, Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company, will open its first metro-area restaurant at the arena and bake on-site.

However, arena officials chose the out-of-state bagel franchise over the Big Apple’s more than 440 bagel shops, which include at least 115 in Brooklyn, according to Yelp.com.

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