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July 1, 2011

Brooklyn Museum Names Fred Tomaselli and Two Others as New Trustees


A week after announcing that it was replacing its board president with investment banker John Tamagni, the struggling Brooklyn Museum has named three new trustees: Fred Tomaselli, a known Brooklyn-booster and the first artist “in recent times” to sit on the museum’s board, along with New York Law School associate professor Tamara Belinfanti and Forest City Ratner executive VP and general counsel David Berliner. (It might be noted that Forest City Ratner, the high-profile development firm, is best known in Brooklyn for its not-exactly-fan-favorite Atlantic Yards project.) Let’s hope these three can inject some life into the wayward institution.


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NY Observer, Brooklyn Museum Announces New Trustees Amid Money Troubles

The three trustees will be grappling with some financial difficulties–a recent planned show of graffiti art, which was to have courted the sort of controversy the Museum has historically enjoyed (they do have Judy Chicago in the permanent collection!) was scuttled, reportedly due either to financial cutbacks or the potential loss of city money the museum could not afford to lose.

NoLandGrab: Want some more irony? It's highly likely that the museum cursed itself by honoring Bruce Ratner at its annual gala in 2008.

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