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July 1, 2011

Battling the Builder

by Sander Hicks

Has New York City become a complete oligarchy?

It certainly appears that way from the new documentary “Battle for Brooklyn,” now playing at Cinema Village. Here, activist Daniel Goldstein and the volunteers at Develop Don’t Destroy hold up their arms against the corporate financial juggernaut that runs this City. When developer Bruce Ratner decides to develop a series of skyscrapers and a sports arena at the Atlantic Yards site (at Atlantic and Flatbush) he uses nuances in real estate law to seize buildings, and people’s homes, through eminent domain. Goldstein was the only home-owner to hold out until the last, in a battle that lasted seven years. Film-makers Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley were there with camera rolling every step of the way.

The triumph of Battle is that someone stood up to the juggernaut of financial power and reality manipulation. It has set attendance records at the independent house Cinema Village. Everyone who cares about the life of the City of New York should go see it. Make your 4th of July weekend about a real independence from domination and control.


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