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February 24, 2011

A day after losing out on Anthony, Nets get superstar point guard Williams; he's got a contract extension to sign, but for now, it's seen as a big win

Atlantic Yards Report

After being seen as losers to the Knicks in the (costly) effort to attract star Carmelo Anthony, the Nets yesterday got superstar point guard Deron Williams, unhappy at the Utah Jazz in exchange for point guard Devin Harris (the face of EB-5 flackery), rookie forward Derrick Favors, and more.

For Nets fans, the optimistic perspective is that Williams will sign a contract extension and help attract more stars. The pessimistic one is that Williams won't sign and will leave.

But the consensus, for now, is that the Nets made a good deal.

Cut to round-up of sports stories praising trade. And then back to reality.

Would that any of these writers, who pay such intense attention to hoops, considered the "Debbie Downer" issue of "the crooked crap that actually matters," such as how team and arena owners make their money.


NoLandGrab: Yes, Williams isa good player, but when was the last time you saw someone outside of Salt Lake City sporting his jersey? And the Nets traded their two best players not named Brook Lopez, and two potential lottery picks, for the guy who caused legendary NBA coach Jerry Sloan to quit.

Posted by eric at February 24, 2011 10:27 AM