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April 15, 2010

Funniest man in Russia

One commenter on Atlantic Yards Report got right to the point about Atlantic Yards and prospective Nets owner Mikhail Prokorov's economic activities in Zimbabwe:

The only thing in dispute is the fancy legal shenanigans of it all. But really, does the NBA want to have its image tarnished by this clear and obvious association? And further, do we want to be supporting it with our tax dollars? When we give Prokhorov money HERE, he has more to spend THERE. No doubt about that. Just ask him.

When a Russian journalist from the Prokhorov-owned SNOB magazine (the name says it all) offered the richest man in Russia a chance to respond, the flippant oligarch made Marie Antoinette look like Mother Theresa.

Nets Daily, Prokhorov Jokes: "Perhaps I Should Get Acquainted With Mugabe."

He jokingly told a writer for his "Snob" magazine that the charges and resultant publicity are part of "typical American phobia" regarding Russians, adding, "I was expecting something like this."

He compared himself to a character in a classic Russian comedy who is wrongly accused of robbery.

"It's the same with me and Zimbabwe," he added sarcastically. "It got me thinking, maybe I should go visit Zimbabwe, get acquainted with Mugabe."

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, In SNOB Prokhorov Jokes "Perhaps I Should Get Acquainted With Mugabe"
Сноб Медиа, Михаил Прохоров ответил на обвинения в связях с режимом Мугабе (machine translation)

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