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April 14, 2010

A mural inside the footprint offers a simple statement: "home"

Atlantic Yards Report

DDDB points to a new mural at 38 6th Avenue, a former industrial building turned residence that would be demolished for the Barclays Center arena.

And who are the residents? Alexa is Alexa Williams, an artist who lives in the building, sandwiched between Freddy's Bar & Backroom (to the south) and the Spalding Building, used by Forest City Ratner for offices and to house the Community Liaison Office, to the north.

The owner of 38 Sixth Avenue is a firm controlled by her father, Peter Williams Enterprises, the lead petitioner in the pending case asking that the Empire State Development Corporation be compelled to issue a new Determination & Findings to pursue eminent domain. A hearing is scheduled for May 12.

Sean is Sean Ilnseher, a location manager for television shows.


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