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August 19, 2009

It came from the Blogosphere...

The Huffington Post, Bricks, Mortar, Bloomberg, Moses

During the Bloomberg era, the power of community boards has withered even as New York underwent physical transformation on a grand scale. Community boards and the land use process have frequently been circumvented or ignored.

The Bloomberg administration kept the West Side stadium, a huge project, out of the Uniform Land Use Review Process, or ULURP. City Hall also prevented community boards from having any meaningful say on Atlantic Yards—a development that might create the most densely populated residential block in the United States. The 16-acres of development at Ground Zero, because it's a state project, are also not subject to community board input. That wasn't Bloomberg's decision. But it was his call to try to slash the budgets of the 59 community boards this year.

City Hall was not alone in undermining the community board system. While he has called for empowering community boards, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer overrode Community Board 9's opposition to the Columbia expansion. After Brooklyn Community Board 6 (on a purely advisory vote) gave a thumbs-down to Atlantic Yards, BP Marty Markowitz purged offending members. Then-Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion took the same approach to community board members who defied him on Yankee Stadium.

good grief., i feel funny

all of that said, jay-z is a little bit of a dick. just a little. now, my family and i are nets fans, despite the fact that they are in a miserable state of affairs these days and their pending stadium in brooklyn, while sentimentally gratifying, would be a terrible thing to happen to brooklyn and bruce ratner is darth vader and all that. but dude: your “bringing the nets” does NOT make you the black branch rickey. sorry. branch rickey, along with jackie, broke the color barrier in baseball, at great risk to his career, a courageous display of civil rights in action. you are a very rich man moving a basketball team to a nearby city at great risk to no one, a kind of cute display of brooklyn pride and people spending a lot of money. chill out.


Atlantic Yards: Brad has been against the Atlantic Yards from the start. He wrote one of the earliest public memos critiquing the development. He believes the current project should be scrapped and should not be given the go ahead. I know this from personalling grilling him after I read some critical pieces online.

NoLandGrab: Time for a reality check. Blogger "donkeydemBK" writes that Brad Lander has been "against" Atlantic Yards from the start, while linking to Lander's campaign web site, which says Lander was an early "critic" of the project. Criticism is not necessarily opposition, and many observers of the campaign in the 39th believe that certain other candidates are stronger "opponents" of Atlantic Yards.

plannyc, Atlantic Yards Debate Central to District 35 Election

The debate over the Atlantic Yards project will figure prominently in the upcoming City Council election for Brooklyn’s District 35. Incumbent Letitia James (D) is firmly opposed to the project, due to fears that it will erode the neighborhood’s character and accelerate gentrification. One of her challengers in the Democratic primary, Delia Hunley-Adossa (currently the 88th Precinct Community and Youth Council president), supports Atlantic Yards on the grounds that it will advance economic opportunities in the area.

NLG: Hunley-Adossa also supports Atlantic Yards because she's paid to support Atlantic Yards.

Atlantic Yards Report, Nets CEO Yormark on CNBC: "You do what you can to survive"

New Jersey Nets CEO Brett Yormark, on CNBC to defend the team's controversial reversible jersey promotion, explained, "You do what you can to survive."

As for the move to Brooklyn, he declared, "We will be breaking ground this fall."

Then again, his track record is a bit suspect.

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