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July 10, 2009

Letter: The MTA’s At It Again

Floral Park Dispatch

The chairman of the village of Floral Park's Long Island Railroad Third Track Task Force wonders why the LIRR is so critically concerned about track capacity — except when it comes to Bruce Ratner's Altantic Yards.

Another component of this new proposal is a smaller capacity LIRR train yard. The developer is now seeking to provide less than the agreed upon number of tracks for the important work of train storage, maintenance as well as the setting and accepting of equipment for scheduled commutes.

Floral Park and other communities along the Main Line have heard, ad nauseum, about the importance of track capacity and flexibility, therefore, the possibility of the MTA lessening that capacity or compromising that flexibility is inconceivable.

Perhaps, when planning its future, the LIRR should look to the quality and expertise of its own engineering staffs and train personnel for solutions rather than the high-priced special interest lobbying groups.


Posted by eric at July 10, 2009 9:40 AM