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July 10, 2009

A Street Encounter Raises Questions About The Working Families Party, ACORN and Atlantic Yards That Seem To Lack Satisfactory Answers

Noticing New York

A Working Families Party canvasser's claim that the WFP and ACORN had parted ways sets Michael D.D. White on a quest for answers (here's one: he got bad info from that canvasser).

Interesting, we thought. This was worthy of investigation. What better way to investigate than to go directly to the Working families Party and ask. A split would be interesting. The Working Families Party was formed by ACORN (and by the auto and communications workers’ unions) in 1998.

We contacted Dan Levitan, spokesperson for the Working Families Party. This is how our discussion unfolded.

Mr. Levitan told us that despite the information we had received on the street, the Working Families Party has NOT disaffiliated from and still maintains relations with ACORN. More specifically, Mr. Levitan informed us that "the scandals at ACORN" at had not caused any disaffiliation.

Clearly Distinguishing Scandals in Actual Question

We had to be clear in our discussion to confirm with Mr. Levitan that by “scandals,” we were not talking about anything like the Fox News attacks on ACORN about their voter registration activities. We were specific that we were instead talking about the embezzlement that was concealed from various people, including the ACORN board and interested government agencies with which ACORN transacts business. We said that we were also talking about the huge loan that ACORN received from Forest City Ratner that was reportedly similarly concealed. We expressed to Mr. Levitan that we believed that when New Yorkers think of the ACORN scandals this is what we think typically jumps to mind.

Will the WFP answer Michael White's questions? Read on for the answer(s).


NoLandGrab: Our own experience with WFP canvassers is that they're quick to claim disavowal of Atlantic Yards, but the reality is a lot messier.

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