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May 29, 2009

Some questions for today's Atlantic Yards oversight hearing

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder summarizes some of the questions that State Senator Bill Perkins might want to pose at today's State Senate hearing on Atlantic Yards.

Why is the cost of the project and arena a secret? And why did Bruce Ratner disclose the cost to the Times? Where's the new timetable and budget? How long would the arena take to build? Could it really open in 2011?

Is there an interim plan for the site, should nothing get built over most of it?

What is the financial accountability for the project? How are the government agencies considering renegotiating the deal? Is there any new analysis of expected benefits? Will there ever be a cost-benefit analysis?

Is Frank Gehry still on the project? What's Ellerbe Becket's role? How does Gehry's diminished role affect naming rights and expected revenue?

Will Forest City Ratner pay the MTA the promised $100 million once the ESDC begins to pursue eminent domain? Will the MTA be willing to compromise with Forest City's request to amend the agreement and pay only $20 million up front?

Did the ESDC do any independent evaluation of Forest City Ratner's claim that it had stalled work because of litigation?

Has the developer exacerbated blight via demolitions?


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