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May 28, 2009

Senator Perkins confirms that Forest City Ratner was invited to the hearing

Atlantic Yards Report

Rabid fabulist Errol Louis ought to get a second opinion when told things by unnamed Forest City Ratner spokespeople, since what they say and what is true are frequently and often very different things.

State Senator Bill Perkins took umbrage at the quotation from an unnamed Forest City Ratner representative, as reported in Errol Louis’s Daily News column today, that the developer “wasn't even asked to testify at Perkins' invitation-only hearing.”

“I’m disturbed by the insinuation we did not invite Forest City Ratner,” Perkins told me, after I called his office to inquire. “You can be sure that if they called to meet with me”—the developer asked Perkins to postpone the hearing—“you can be sure they were invited.”

He said that FCR had been invited by mail, fax, and email, and that, “when their representative met with me to share some of their concerns, they were invited by me personally.”


NoLandGrab: Here's a prediction — neither Bruce Ratner, nor any employee of the company that professes that "when it comes to sharing information with the public and governmental bodies, there’s no such thing as too much," will show up to testify at tomorrow's hearing, since Perkins hasn't actually subpoenaed anyone.

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