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April 3, 2009

It came from the Blogosphere...

The Campaign for Community-Based Planning, Mega-Project Update: AY and Coney

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on perpetually controversial Brooklyn projects Atlantic Yards and Coney Island. Here’s where we play catch-up with a compilation of recent news....

Curbed, Construction Watch: 'Forgotten Ratner' Shows Its Face

What, with Bruce Ratner's massive Atlantic Yards nearby, it's only understandable that the rising 34-story tower at 80 Dekalb Avenue on the Downtown Brooklyn/Fort Greene border became the "forgotten Ratner." But with Atlantic Yards looking as likely as a Nets playoff run, it's time for 80 Dekalb to get the attention it deserves. Forest City Ratner enlisted prolific architect Costas Kondylis for this building, which will have 292 rental apartments (20% of them "affordable"). When we last checked in, the structure was just beginning to rise. Now, via the photos above dropped in the Curbed Photo Pool, we see that the prefab panels are already being hoisted into place. If only all Brooklyn construction got on so quickly, eh Brucey boy?

ESPN.com, Frank on the hot seat in New Jersey

As far as ringing endorsements go, this one was about as strong as the foundation for that new arena they're building for the Nets in Brooklyn … you know, the one for which they still haven't stuck a shovel in the ground.

"All of us get graded and rated. All of us," Nets president Rod Thorn said. "And that's the time when Lawrence [Frank] will, too. We look at everything at the end of the year."

Thorn didn't exactly put out the fire by intimating that there are no guarantees in terms of job security, even for a coach with a guaranteed $4.5 million coming to him next season. And there is a school of thought that Nets management has become a house divided between the basketball side, led by Thorn (who has one year remaining on his contract, too), and the business side, led by Brett Yormark, president and CEO of Nets Sports and Entertainment.

Of course, it wouldn't seem to make a lot of sense for a team bleeding millions to eat another $4.5 million, although if it replaced him with a coach still being paid by another team (e.g. Eddie Jordan, still owed $4 million by Washington), it could pay the new guy a pittance in the first season to minimize the financial hit to the organization.

The coach looked right on Wednesday in the Nets' convincing 13-point victory over the Pistons, but it still wasn't enough to erase the uncertainty surrounding Frank.

That won't come until later this month, after Ratner has decided whose advice he is going to take. Hopefully, it'll be better than the advice he got at the start of this decade when his advisers were telling him the Brooklyn building would be finished by now. That day -- if it ever happens -- remains years away.

Nets Daily, Arena Critics Running Out of Cash?

Norman Oder's story today on DDDB's financials raises the hopes of the Nets-to-Brooklyn faithful.

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