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January 16, 2009

Why Frank Gehry is Brett Yormark's problem (and other FAQs)

Atlantic Yards Report

Today's Atlantic Yards-must-read is Norman Oder's list of questions and possible answers concerning architect Frank Gehry's diminishing role in the project, the political, practical and finanacial implications and this week's sleeper story.

So, what happened with Gehry?

According to two news reports, though without named sources, Gehry laid off his staffers working on Atlantic Yards. (One commenter asserted the staffers were merely shifted.) One report said it was because he hadn't been paid.

Is Gehry off the project?

According to Forest City Ratner, no.

NoLandGrab: When Frank Gehry dismantles a project team, some architects are laid off, while members of his core group of designers are moved to active projects. This means that Atlantic Yards is NO LONGER AN ACTIVE PROJECT at Gehry Partners, LLP.

Forest City Ratner can say anything they want, but the company has hired another engineering firm (NOT FRANK GEHRY) to cut costs.

What may be bigger news this week?

Click here to find out.

Posted by lumi at January 16, 2009 6:04 AM