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January 16, 2009

Updates From Plane Rescue in Hudson River

City Room [NY Times blog]

What is the amazing story of yesterday's US Airways ditching doing on the pages of No Land Grab, you might ask? You're not thinking like a marketing genius who has a devil of a time selling seats for his basketball team's games.

The pilot was praised by public officials, passengers and eyewitnesses for the way he handled the plane. The New Jersey Nets wasted no time jumping on board, too. They invited the pilots to the Nets-Boston Celtics game this Saturday, where the team wants to honor them as the “Heroes of the Game.”

article (scroll down to 7:50 p.m.)

NoLandGrab: Hey, what's a little crass exploitation of something that was a whisker from being a colossal tragedy when your team is losing $30 million a year? But just the pilots? Sure, it's the Celtics, but the Izod Center should have plenty of room for the entire crew, the passengers, and then some.

Posted by eric at January 16, 2009 10:26 AM