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December 30, 2008

At home, Nets attendance finally increases

Atlantic Yards Report

The attendance at the last three New Jersey Nets home games has picked up considerably, with an announced crowd of 16,203 (81.1% of 19,968) on December 22, 16,852 (84.4%) last Friday, and a crowd of 18,786 (94.1%) last night.

Even if that's just tickets distributed rather than gate count, it's a return to some higher numbers posted earlier in the season and an increase from a previous average that nudged above 15,000.

Photos from last night indicate few empty seats, though those from Friday indicate a good number of cheap seats empty. Note that the announced attendance was 16,722 when the Nets hosted the Knicks December 10; I attended and estimated a 25% fudge factor.

Last year, attendance picked up around the holiday season, as well. But if the Nets sustain some increased attendance, despite the team's surprisingly bad home record (contrasted with its strength on the road), one factor might be the team's effort to distribute free or low-cost tickets.


NoLandGrab: With the Nets flooding the marketplace with free tickets, it's no wonder that attendance has picked up a bit.

Posted by eric at December 30, 2008 8:40 AM