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October 19, 2008

NBA expands to China, gets local subsidies, (likely) avoids local activism


Atlantic Yards Report

The National Basketball Association's initiative in China is expanding big-time.

From an article in the 10/11/08 New York Times, headlined N.B.A. and Partner to Help Build 12 Arenas in China:
The N.B.A. and AEG will announce on Sunday plans to design and operate at least a dozen arenas in China, extending the league’s presence in its largest foreign market. The arenas could form the infrastructure of an N.B.A.-branded league in China.

Under their plan, the league and AEG will make modest cash investments in the arenas, but their expertise will give them substantial ownership stakes in the buildings.

The arenas are to be financed largely by local and provincial governments.
Given the pattern established at the Beijing Olympics, where two handicapped women in their late 70s, with the common grievance of "receiving insufficient compensation when their homes were seized for redevelopment," were sentenced to "re-education through labor" for simply applying to hold a legal protest in the area so designated (according to the NYTimes/International Herald Tribune), it's a good bet that the Chinese equivalents of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn would have some trouble getting off the ground.


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