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October 19, 2008

In the narrow term limits debate, are we missing the point?

Atlantic Yards Report questions the newspaper coverage of the term limits debate, and looks at other solutions for fair elections, such as instant run-off voting (IRV) and proportional representation (PR).

There's nothing in the New York Times. The New York Daily News offers an encomium to Bloomberg from financier Felix Rohatyn, who conveniently ignores that the term limits override would apply to the Council, the Borough Presidents and more.

The New York Post does some investigating, and discovers that Bloomberg "showered cash on key City Council members with the power to kill a term-limits extension bill in the last year."

And the Daily News reports that many of those fighting the override have personal or political agenda, though some, an observer acknowledges, are motivated by principle.

Missing the larger point

Still, we are missing a larger point about ways to improve political representation. If those fighting Bloomberg's plan are successful in gaining a referendum to address the term limits issue, they will at least have achieved a more legitimate process.


Posted by amy at October 19, 2008 2:03 PM