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October 4, 2008

Commentary on Bagli's article "Atlantic Yards Faces Another Delay"

City Room

There was quite a bit of action in the comments section of the NY Times, City Room blog in reaction to Charles Bagli's article about the latest setback for Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards megaproject.

Here's a slice:

"Another delay! The NIMBYs that are against the Atlantic Yards project need to let Ratner build it already. Let Brooklyn thrive! It can’t be all about you." — Ariel

"...the scuttlebutt I got from one of my friends who’s so far surviving at Lehman is that Barclays is potentially in over its head on the Lehman deal. I’m hoping that come November, conditions will allow Barclays to bow out, not only because I’m against Atlantic Yards, but also because I’d like my pension fund to salvage its holdings in Lehman and a $20 million name sponsorship is an unnecessary distraction." — WL

"Bruce Ratner should give up on Brooklyn. Newark has a terrific new arena that the Net’s could call home." — bsh451

"Atlantic Yards cannot be built. Everyone knows it. It’s just a matter of Ratner and the State admitting it and feeling there is some way to save face." — brookland

"Ratner is the wrong developer, with the wrong plans, at the worst time." — RWeber, Park Slope

"Stop your complaining already. I live blocks from the project and have been anxiously awaiting the Ratner project for years. I hate NIMBYISM. It’s not your land, you have no right to impede progress like this…" — mike

"Actually, Mike, it IS their land. They own it, and Ratner is trying to take it from them." — Greg

"Why hasn’t there been a single comment let alone major investigative articles concerning the very curious question about where the handful of residents who are spending millions in legal fees fighting Ratner are getting the money... Who would the new Brooklyn arena directly compete ? Answer. Madison Square Garden and its owner Billionaire Jim Dolan. Again I wonder where all the money for these legal fees is coming ??" — AH2

Note: "AH2" is personally invited to the FOURTH DDDB Walkathon on October 18.

"Sorry AH2. No conspiracy is involved in the source of financial support for the legal fees etc. of those fighting Atlantic Yards. The coalition of groups that object to Bruce Ratner’s project, with its misuse of eminent domain, have organized many large-scale and highly successful fund raising events. They also receive ongoing support from numerous contributors and volunteers who agree with their point of view re Ratopia." — Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

"Although all large developments require great amounts of leveraged funding to be built, the Atlantic Yards project embodies a microcosm of the present financial crisis.... What does any of this have to do with basketball and low-income housing? About as much as a bailout of financial firms has to do with helping those in Brooklyn defaulting on subprime mortgages received through predatory lending." — Stuart Schrader

"How are they NIMBYs when they are going to be forced to move out if this project gets built rather than living with it?" — Tal Barzilai

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