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October 4, 2008

Are You Living in Pete Hamill's Brooklyn, Or Ours?

Runnin' Scared [blog, The Village Voice]
By Roy Edroso

It's gotten to the point where Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards land-grabbing megaproject provides a point of reference that goes beyond the controversy itself. The Voice reacts to Pete Hamill's piece on Brooklyn for New York Magazine:

Despite his plus-ca-change protestations, [Pete] Hamill's Brooklyn is clearly a different place than today's -- a place where the light is always sepia and LaGuardia is always reading the funnies. Which Brooklyn are you living in? Check yourself with this simple comparison chart:
Hamill's Brooklyn: "Opposition to the Atlantic Yards project is so bitter" because "Brooklyn is not Frank Gehry. It’s Edward Hopper."
Modern Brooklyn: Opposition to the Atlantic Yards is so bitter because Brooklyn is not a borough. It's a corporate fiefdom.


Posted by lumi at October 4, 2008 7:09 AM