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April 3, 2008

Dead and Buried?

Brooklyn Daliy Eagle
By Henrik Krogius

One columnist bemoans Atlantic Yards' delays, what with Brooklyn on "the verge of bringing new verve and a renewed sense of identity into the 21st century:"

Obviously Bruce Ratner can’t be happy about the current economy, but he knows from his long effort to get Metrotech built that a major project faces obstacles and takes time. He still has the benefit of the state having agreed to allocate tax-exempt housing funds for Atlantic Yards. And this is a far more imaginative and varied project than Metrotech; one can only hope its promise will not be totally frittered away by economically determined reductions and compromises.


NoLandGrab: Though the State has agreed in principle to provide tax-exempt housing funds, it's not clear how much will be available from the limited pool.

Atlantic Yards Report, Eagle maintains fiction that AY has tax-exempt housing bonds
Norman Oder suggests that Krogius might be under the mistaken assumption that the State has already allocated the tax-exempt housing bonds for Atlantic Yards, which would be a mistake Krogius recycled from an editorial colleague.

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