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February 3, 2008

Donald O’Finn: Jump Cuts at Dean & 6th


Who Walk In Brooklyn

Video artist, bar manager and anti-Eminent Domain activist Donald O’Finn is many things to many people. Beginning this Saturday, he’s also de facto host of the Found In Brooklyn art show and rock concert at Freddy’s Bar & Backroom.
Brian: Kelo versus New London: how did you feel? Also, if you can recall, bring us back to the weeks when the arena– just an arena– was announced?

Donald: Kelo vs New London…very scary, I have been told that there are over a thousand eminent domain case happening in this country right now, more examples of the Have-a-lots taking from the have-nots and have-littles. It is horrible how we are transferring all the right away from individuals and giving them to institutions.

We found out about it watching TV, no one ever even contacted us for at least a year, if not 2 years. It was very emotional, but the way this community has bonded together for the good and righteous fight has been astounding, I am very proud of everyone involved in this struggle.

Brian: Have any of the New Jersey Nets come into Freddie’s? Marty Markowitz?

Donald O’Finn: Nope, we only get the cool people. And we don’t need them just check the reviews.


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