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February 3, 2008

Have courts affirmed the "significant positive impact" of AY? Nope


Atlantic Yards Report

Let's take another look at Bruce Ratner's statement after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday upheld the dismissal of the Atlantic Yards eminent domain case:
"Today's decision is more than another victory for Atlantic Yards," Ratner said. "It is a victory for public good and the importance of investing in diverse communities throughout the City. Atlantic Yards will bring thousands of needed jobs and affordable homes to Brooklyn. We believe, and the courts have repeatedly affirmed, that these are real benefits that will have a significant positive impact on the borough and the City."
(Emphases added)

Let's assume that Ratner didn't mean that Atlantic Yards would be a "public good"--something commonly enjoyed, like air or national defense--nor that it was an example of "public goodness" but rather thought the decision affirmed "the public good."

Significant positive impact?

But have courts affirmed that the benefits are real and will have a significant positive impact? Not in the slightest. While the courts have affirmed that the plaintiffs acknowledge some benefits, the courts have not tried to evaluate them, nor could they.


Posted by amy at February 3, 2008 10:58 AM