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September 18, 2007

Dolly Williams: I-Heart-Atlantic Yards

Dolly Williams's recent woes reminded us that we had an interesting photo of Marty Markowitz's appointee to the City Planning Commission in our photo archives.

Dolly Williams Apparently recusing oneself from any decisions made by the City Planning Commission regarding Atlantic Yards does not exclude pumping one's fist and cheering in approval of testimony in favor of Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards plan at the August 23rd 2006 public hearing.

Back in 2005, Dolly Williams was forced to recuse herself from any City Planning decisions concerning the Atlantic Yards project, due to conflict of interest, after it was revealed that she was an investor in the NJ Nets ownership group, led by Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner. Thus Brooklyn has no voice (independent or partisan) on the City Planning Commission on any matters concerning Ratner's controversial plan to build a new arena for the team as the centerpiece of his megaproject.

At the 2006 "public hearing," Dolly (middle) was hanging out with Lance Woodward (right), supporter of Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development (BUILD). NoLandGrab readers will recall that BUILD was the group that swore up and down that they were not supported by Bruce Ratner, that is, until the group's tax filing showed that they actually were (whoopsie!).

Needless to say, Dolly, being a public official, didn't have to wait in line to get into the hearing, like the little people.

Most recently, Dolly Williams has been feeling the heat for stiffing sub-contractors who worked on Bruce Ratner's East River Plaza mall and getting outted on the Internet for parking her yellow Porsche at a fire hydrandt a block from her own home, which happens to have on-site parking.

You can add Dolly to the shameless cast of characters buzzing around Ratner's Atlantic Yards project, like Marty, who frequently becomes unhinged in public when confronted by critics of Atlantic Yards; Jim Stuckey, who was precipitously canned from his job as the Atlantic Yards Development Group President; and Barclays Bank, the corporation that purchased the naming rights for a new Nets Arena and is reported to have historical ties to the slave trade.

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