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September 12, 2007



NY Post
By Chuck Bennett

DollyWilliams-BW.jpgYou may know Dolly as the City Planning Commish who had to recuse herself from any decisions affecting Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards because she's also an investor in the NJ Nets, or you may know her as Marty's scantily clad sidekick from the West Indian Day Carnival 2006, or you may know her as the City Planning Commish who was barred from decisions affecting the Gowanus rezoning because her company owns property in the boundaries, or, most recently, you may have recognized her lemon-yellow Porsche illegally parked at a fire hydrant less than a block from her house, where she has her own private parking space (hey, it's hard to climb The Slope in heels).

In the end, she may be best known as Bruce Ratner's contractor and investment partner who stiffed a sub-contractor over $2 million.

Michael DiTore, a partner of Daurio & Russo & Sons in Brooklyn, says he's owed $2.3 million for concrete work done this year on the mall between East 116th and East 119th streets along the FDR Drive.

His company, along with at least three other subcontractors, were never paid by A. Williams Construction, the contractor hired to do excavation work.

"It just about put us out of business," DiTore said. " A. Williams Construction was co-founded by Dolly Williams, who was appointed a planning commissioner in 2002. She has since invested $1 million in the Ratner-owed New Jersey Nets.
Numerous excavation delays on the East River Plaza project caused Ratner and his partner, Blumenfeld Development Group, to fire Williams in May. The subcontractors, too, were cut.

Sources said A. Williams was overaggressive in its $30 million bid and couldn't meet deadlines.

"Private discussions between A. Williams and [Ratner-Blumenfeld] are ongoing. These discussions are amicable and nonlegal," A. Williams said in a statement.

The mall is slated to open next summer, but that's now in question. "We don't know what impact it will have to our schedule," said a Ratner spokesman.


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