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September 27, 2007

A Bit Of Editing On Bill De Blasio's Wiki Page

blasio-sm.jpg As a prelude to Bill de Blasio's meeting with local bloggers last night, Pardon me for asking takes a close look at changes to de Blasio's Wikipedia entry, which has been edited and scrubbed regarding his position on Atlantic Yards, by someone with a City of NY IP address.

First, "De Blasio is also a supporter of the generally popular Atlantic Yards development proposed by Bruce Ratner."

Then, "De Blasio is also a supporter of the generally popular Atlantic Yards development, a major affordable housing initiative currently under development."

Next, "De Blasio is also a supporter of the generally unpopular Atlantic Yards development, which critics contend will be excessive in size,provide major tax subsidies to the developer and will have a detrimental impact upon the neighborhood."

Followed by, "On the other hand, De Blasio has supported some popular development projects. De Blasio is a supporter of the generally popular Atlantic Yards development, which is a major mixed-income housing, retail, office and sports complex."

Finally, the paragraph was removed all together. Maybe one of the bloggers from yesterday's meeting (we couldn't attend) will set the record straight.


From our notes from the last pow-wow with bloggers:

BDB told us:

"What led me to support it from the beginning was the development of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)."

"The number of the affordable units is an extraordinarily postive impact for this part of Brooklyn, an area that's unrelentingly gentrifying. It's government's role to create the maximum amount of affordable housing. This was a way to create some guarantees of affordability. I think you've never seen these kind of precentages in this kind of project before."

"I still think it's too tall. Aesthetically problematic, to say the least. A lot of the look should blend in more with the surrounding neighborhoods. Minimize negative impacts on the community and mass transit."

In a nutshell, BDB supports Atlantic Yards because some handpicked groups signed an agreement with Bruce Ratner (including groups formed for the sole purpose of promoting the project and the CBA) and because it will bring more affordable housing than any other project, but it's too big?

Posted by lumi at September 27, 2007 5:56 AM