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August 3, 2007

The "park" at Stuy Town--a harbinger of Atlantic Yards?

StuyTownPark.jpgThough Bruce Ratner fancies using the word "park," like in his interview with NY Post columnist Andrea Peyser, Atlantic Yards Report explains that there's a difference between a "park" and "privately-managed, publicly-accessible open space," and uses Stuy Town promotional material to explain.

"Lots of New Yorkers visit parks, but not many live in one." So goes the promotion (click to enlarge) for Stuyvesant Town, the newly-privatized complex for which, along with neighboring Peter Cooper Village, developer Tishman Speyer agreed to pay $5.4 billion last October. ...
the developer claims that the open space in the 80-acre, 110-building development is a "park." (A print ad further states: "Work out in an 80-acre park right outside your door.")

It's not. It's privately-managed, publicly-accessible open space and, as this City Council document (about access) shows, private interests do not necessarily match public ones.

Stuyvesant Town's open space serves more as a private park than a public one, and thus has been targeted by Atlantic Yards critics as the poster child for what to avoid. "Would there be an invisible "keep out" sign, as in Stuyvesant Town or other apartment complexes with interior parks?" wrote Anne Schwartz last August in the Gotham Gazette.


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