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August 3, 2007

Ratner, City or State Responsible for Mess on Pacific?


Here's an email we got from a reader yesterday. We didn't know the answer but maybe one of you will.

I was biking down Pacific Street today and noticed how unkempt the sidewalk was. The street isn't gone yet, so the question is whose responsibility is it to keep it up. Is it the MTA's, The ESDC, or Ratners? I called the liason office but they didn't know. They said they'd get back to me in a day or two. I expressed my frustration and was told that it's a big organization and it takes time to find out answers to these things. I pointed out that one needs only to walk outside the office to see that it's a problem. I called back two and a half hours later and there's no movement on the issue. Maybe the ombudsman knows.


NoLandGrab: Since the ESDC has yet to hire an ombudsman and the wheels seem to turn slowly at the "Atlantic Yards" "Community" "Liaison" "Office," maybe someone from the community can post an answer on the Brownstoner help-line.

Posted by lumi at August 3, 2007 10:20 AM