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April 5, 2007

Council Member James Applauds Community Lawsuit to Protect Our Environment

Twenty Six Plaintiffs Sue to Halt Atlantic Yards Project;
Major Flaws in Environmental Study are Cited

(Brooklyn, NY) — Council Member James stood today with dozens of community groups to announce the filing of an historic lawsuit aimed at stopping the monstrous Atlantic Yards project proposed at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues. Council Member James represents almost the entire footprint of the proposed mega-project.

She stated, "For over three years, I have been raising questions about the true environmental impacts of the Atlantic Yards proposal. My concerns, and those of my constituents, have fallen on deaf ears. Fundamental questions remain regarding traffic, ground contaminants, air pollution, noise pollution, infrastructure strain, and safety and security risks. Yet Forest City Ratner is currently attempting to demolish up to 18 buildings in my district."

"The preliminary injunction to postpone demolition that this lawsuit seeks will cause little harm to the developer. Once the buildings are torn down, however, they cannot be put back, and the injury to the community - a landscape of empty lots and "interim surface" parking lots, plus the loss of the familiar buildings that comprise their neighborhood - is irreparable."

"I want to see the rail yards developed. But I want to see responsible and safe development. I would like to see a mechanism in place that holds the government accountable to the citizens of these neighborhoods before any further demolition occurs. I thank the Develop Don't Destroy Legal Team for their excellent work in putting together this strong and important case. I am proud to be part of the fight to protect our community. This is why I have signed an affidavit in support of the preliminary injunction sought in today's lawsuit."


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