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March 14, 2007

People Who Can Help Get a Project Built — Or Help Stop One

City Hall


New York’s reputation as a place resistant to many new buildings has done nothing to discourage more people from trying every year, every day. Among the most important decisions which go into translating a project from concept to blueprint to concrete foundation are those made by people charged with mediating between government and private developers. Of the many who do, here are 10 (in no particular order) who City Hall thinks help bridge public demands and private interests when it comes to getting shovels in the ground in New York.

Familiar names to those who are living in the shadow of Atlantic Yards: Sheldon Silver , Eliot Spitzer, Dan Doctoroff, Amanda Burden, Joseph Bruno, and more recently Patrick Foye.

And here's proof that if you repeat a myth it stays as fresh as a Twinkie™ (emphasis added):

[Amanda] Burden has also played an important role... in reducing the scale of the controversial Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn.

[For myth-busting, check out Atlantic Yards Report, where Norman Oder revealed that a document "obtained via a Freedom of Information Law request from the Department of City Planning shows that most of the proposed cuts had been on the table since January, 2006, in an option (20B) presented by the developer and architect Frank Gehry."]


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