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March 14, 2007

DOT’s Park Slope Proposal: Is this Atlantic Yards Planning?

AtlanticTermTraffic.jpgStreetsBlog ponders the possibility that the Department of Transporation's 6th & 7th Avenue one-way proposal in Park Slope, in addition to Ratner's recommendation to "close off the northbound side of Fourth Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush to motor vehicles," is a giant kludge "aimed at shunting Fourth Avenue's Manhattan Bridge-bound morning traffic jam over to Sixth and Eighth," in order to accommodate Atlantic Yards.

On his own blog, Atlantic Yards Report, Norman Oder adds Ron Shiffman to the conversation:

Meanwhile, consider the observations of Park Slope resident and former City Planning Commissioner Ron Shiffman, speaking at the Historic Districts Council conference last Saturday.

"Seventh Avenue needs to be calmed, not made one way. Take a lane and make it pedestrian," commented Shiffman. He added that the community should not "allow a historic district to become an expressway to alleviate congestion created by Forest City Ratner."


NoLandGrab: Folks who remember the AM-traffic tie-ups due to construction of Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Terminal building will get the picture. How this scheme might affect northbound traffic on Flatbush is another concern — maybe they have a plan for that too.

Posted by lumi at March 14, 2007 7:21 AM