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March 24, 2007

Park Slope one-way traffic plan dead? Well, "not moving forward"

Atlantic Yards Report

Is the Department of Transportation's (DOT) plan to convert 6th & 7th Avenues to one-way streets dead, or not dead yet? Norman Oder tries to pin down a DOT official to get a straight answer:

The Brooklyn Paper this week reported:

“We’re listening to the community and not moving ahead with the proposal,” said Department of Transportation (DoT) spokeswoman Kay Sarlin, who had earlier promised that the agency would kill the controversial proposal if “the community” rejected it.

I followed up and asked Sarlin: "Is that any different from following the CB6 transportation committee resolution, which requested that DOT not move forward 'at this time'? In other words, is the plan dead? Or just on hold for revision and discussion? Or?"

Her response: "We're not moving ahead with the plan."

Oder also rounds up the coverage and criticism of the DOT proposal.


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