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March 24, 2007

Furor over 1-way on 7th - Residents balk at traffic change

Courier Life Publications
By Gary Buiso

In response to the neighborhood furor over the Department of Transportation's traffic plan, Forest City Ratner summoned their transportation consultant Sam Schwartz to issue the usual denials:

“This has absolutely nothing to do with Forest City Ratner,” Schwartz told this paper.

He said the city’s proposal took him by surprise.

“I asked around at Forest City Ratner and it took everybody by surprise.”

“We never contemplated making any change to Sixth or Seventh avenues in Park Slope,” Schwartz said. Ratner’s traffic plan actually calls for Sixth Avenue to be made two-way between Flatbush and Atlantic avenues, where it is currently one-way.

“There is nothing behind the scenes here,” he said.

The DOT has its reasons, but ain't telling you why:

[DOT Deputy Commissioner Michael] Primeggia said several studies have shown that one-way streets have proven to be safer, by eliminating roadway conflicts, “providing more periodic and predictable crossing opportunities and eliminating the possibility of head on collisions.”

He said one-way streets have been proven to improve safety for all users by 20 percent.

The DOT, asked to cite specific studies, did not return with the information at press time.


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