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December 27, 2006


BigBrother-Ratner.jpgNY Post

Big Brother is watching in Downtown Brooklyn . . . and his name is Bruce.

[Correction: It's three years since Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards plan was first unveiled, and the ignorant press is still confused. It's "Prospect Heights Brooklyn," NOT "Downtown Brooklyn." Please don't make Norman Oder have to start PostRatnerReport.com.]

Specifically, Bruce Ratner, the Atlantic Yards developer who in recent months has quietly installed nearly 30 surveillance cameras outside properties he owns within the 22-acre footprint of his planned $4 billion project.

While some of the cameras are positioned outside vacant buildings, others are installed at buildings still occupied by tenants or facing properties the developer wants to obtain through eminent domain.
Yvonne Clark, who lives in a building Ratner owns on Dean Street, said she feels her "privacy is being violated" by two surveillance cameras installed outside her front door.

"I definitely don't like it because I don't want people knowing who is coming and going from my apartment," she said.


Posted by lumi at December 27, 2006 8:23 AM