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July 10, 2006

Pols earmark $260K for community analysis of Ratner Environmental Impact Statement

From Mole333 at Daily Gotham:

According to the July 10th Park Slope Courier, three Brooklyn Politicians have secured $260,000 to hire independent engineers to assess Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards Project. Those three politicians, Councilwoman Letitia James and Assemblymembers Joan Millman and Jim Brennan, have helped secure the money for a coalition of community groups which include Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, Atlantic Avenue Betterment Assn, Fort Greene Association and several others.

Community Average Folk 101 stumbles into all sorts of contradictions in a boneheaded attempt to "follow the money:"

The 35th Council District has money for CBN. Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods gets $130,000.00 and more to come from other local politicians. No money for community programs, but over a hundred thousand dollars for CBN groups. Follow the money from the budget and get the bigger picture. Money for the special groups ONLY in the 35th. Hiding behind CBN and including all of those others (check and see what groups are included). Who is buying who?

NoLandGrab: Yo dude! The Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods (CBN) is staffed with unpaid VOLUNTEERS from the COMMUNITY, which is more than we can say for these groups stumping for Ratner: BUILD, ACORN, Downtown Brooklyn Educational Consortium, and Sharpton's National Action Network.

The money for CBN will be used to hire an expert to analyze Ratner's Environmental Impact Statement on behalf of the COMMUNITY. Believe it or not, $260K will still leave the group well short of the funds needed to do a comprehensive study of the EIS.

And, to even mention the $260,000 going to experts to advise the community gives leave to cite the $200,000,000 (three more zeros than 260K) of direct cash subsidy already approved by NY City and NY State and the $3,000,000 (one more zeros than 260K) that City Councilmember David Yassky tried to secure for BUILD. The City-State $200-million could go a long way toward under-funded schools, housing, jobs programs, public transportation, etc.

NoLandGrab is committed to presenting all visible points of view, but if Community Average Folk 101 continues to stop making sense, we'll have no choice but to give up on the blog to focus on more rational pro-Ratner voices.

Posted by lumi at July 10, 2006 8:45 AM