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July 10, 2006

AY affordable housing session: why now? (It could take six years, for 280 units)

Atlantic Yards Report

AY-AffordHousing.gifNorman Oder hasn't received his RSVP confirmation yet for the Ratner/ACORN information session, but that doesn't keep him from analyzing the situation:

"Learn more about affordable housing at Atlantic Yards," reads the announcement for the Forest City Ratner/ACORN information session scheduled for Tuesday.

Given that the project hasn't been approved, and the first units wouldn't be built til 2009--and possibly much later--this session seems to be another Forest City Ratner public relations move, furthering the notion that Atlantic Yards is a done deal.

I have some questions, but, despite my swift RSVP, haven't gotten a confirmation that I'll be allowed in. I'm not optimistic. Given the prescreened nature of the meeting, Robert Guskind at the Gowanus Lounge calls it "the Norman Oder Verboten/Nicht No Land Grab/Nein Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Clause."


Posted by lumi at July 10, 2006 8:27 AM