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May 25, 2006

The Norman Oder Report

NormanOder.jpg Brian Lehrer Live

Norman Oder, author of the blog The Atlantic Yards Report, kicked butt on Brian Lehrer's call-in show on CUNY TV last night.

For those of you who missed it, the interview with the Atlantic Yards Encyclopedia Normanica will be rebroadcast on Channel 75 on:

Saturday, 10am
Sunday, 11pm (time approximate following movie)

An archived videostream will be posted here once it's available.

Brian Lehrer made the point that Forest City Ratner was invited to send anyone, including Borough President Marty Markowitz, to represent the developer's point of view before, during or after the segment, but they declined. Apparently Bruce Ratner didn't like Brian Lehrer's questioning of Forest City Ratner Atlantic Yards Group President Jim Stuckey last week, on his weekday radio call-in show, or the whole gang is afraid, very afraid, of Norman Oder.

Either way, Bruce Ratner totally blew off the host of an enormously popular public-affairs radio talk show, big with the same demographic group the developer paid big bucks to reach with his 12-page liar flier. Smart PR!

The OderLehrerOderRatner Report
Uncharacteristically, Norman Oder ISN'T going to transcribe the entire interview. He has provided a summary of his appearance, with additional thoughts.

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