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May 3, 2006

Atlantic Yards: The Picture Novella

AtlanticYardsBooklet.jpg Forest City Ratner has just mailed its third direct-mail propaganda piece, each one a bigger production than the last. These pieces have been dubbed "liar fliers" (we don't know who coined the phrase), due to their willful disregard for common-sense facts.

Atlantic Yards Report has already sifted through the 12-page novella, which relies more on photos than facts to promote the Atlantic Yards project. Strangely, the cover features typical Brooklyn street scenes, though none of the like would be built at Atlantic Yards.

In his post titled "Where are the towers? FCR's curious new propaganda brochure," Norman Oder notes what isn't included in the booklet as well as what is: * Aerial view shows roof garden, but no arena, * Happy Brooklynites of all races, but no traffic, * Brownstones, but no highrises, * Guranteed Community Benefits Agreement seal of approval, * Marty Markowitz's imprimatur, and * repetition of figures that Oder has already debunked.

Oder's analysis gives Brooklynites a good idea as to what issues Forest City Ratner finds the most embarassing about its own project.

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn let Atlantic Yards Report do the heavy lifting, but pointed out a couple of things: * the arena appears to be a green meadow, which is actually the one-acre private rooftop park for residents of the luxury condos. * the "guarantee" stamp appears on several pages in case you didn't believe it the first time, and * the booklet puts the Atlantic Yards project in Downtown Brooklyn again, even though The NY Times knows that isn't true.

arenaroofgarden.jpg NoLandGrab: The NY Daily News logo appears on the third page, which may mean that real estate mogul Mort Zuckerman is willing to use his brand to promote the project.

The flyer repeats the claim that Community Boards 2, 6 and 8 served as "advisors" to the CBA.

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