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April 14, 2006

New Atlantic Yards web site: sorting through Ratner's spin

Atlantic Yards Report decodes Ratner's PR with links to real (and some unreal) facts and figures:

Yesterday Forest City Ratner (FCR) debuted a new web site for the Atlantic Yards project, some six months after its outdated Bball.net site was placed "under construction." While it offers more information, including official documents, than the static predecessor site site (access via the Internet Archive) that's been offline since November 2005, AtlanticYards.com includes enough distortions, omissions, and lies to provide a highly deceptive picture of the project.

Though the "Jobs, Housing, and Hoops" slogan seems to have been put aside, the site repeats the deeply dishonest claim that the project would bring $6 billion in revenues to the city and state; it promises that the project would create 18,000 jobs (though the number of people getting those jobs might be one-sixth that number); and it touts 50% of the project's rental units as affordable, even though in 2004--before the developer added thousands of market-rate condos--FCR promised that half of entire residential project would be affordable. (So did Borough President Marty Markowitz, right, at a rally for the project in 2004.)

NoLandGrab: Norman Oder's analysis makes a great primer for reporters and politicians who are tired of being spun by the developer's PR team.

Posted by lumi at April 14, 2006 10:34 AM