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October 20, 2005

Testimony of R. Douglas Hamilton, RA
Fort Greene Resident

Brooklyn Atlantic Yards
EIS Scoping Hearing / City Tech; Brooklyn, NY
October 18, 2005

Re: Alternative Plans
The Pacific Plan

Testimony of R. Douglas Hamilton, RA
Fort Greene Resident

I come here tonight as an advocate for intelligent design, as a defender of Brooklyn’s quality-of-life, and as a proponent of common ground among the many different points-of-view expressed by my neighbors here tonight. Specifically, I am here to advocate for the inclusion of the “Pacific Plan”, which I authored, as one of the alternatives that the ESDC is required to review by SEQRA. Under Task 19 of the EIS scoping document, ESDC proposes to study a “Lower Density Alternative” to the Forest City Ratner proposal. The Pacific Plan is just such an alternative. I developed this plan while consulting with a broad range of community leaders, and it accommodates most of the fundamental features of the FCRC program in a way that is much more sensitive to the community’s concerns while avoiding most of the flaws that plague Forest City’s plan. Those flaws include:

The Pacific Plan, on the other hand:

Up until now, Forest City Ratner has been allowed to write its own ticket for the programming and design of this vital part of Brooklyn with almost zero oversight from our city’s Planning Department and elected officials. The Empire State Development Corporation now has the opportunity to remedy that omission by doing some serious thinking about what kind of development is appropriate at the Atlantic Yards. The Pacific Plan should be an important part of that investigation.

We should not let isolated issues, however important they may be, obscure our view of the big picture; that is: “What kind of city do we want to live in?” Great cities don’t just happen. They require good planning. NOW, is our opportunity. Design matters!

We do not have to give up affordable housing, . . .
We do not have to give up job creation, . . .
We do not even have to give up hoops, . . .
We should give up this ill-conceived and half-baked plan proposed by Forest City Ratner!

Please give the Pacific Plan - and other alternatives - the attention they deserve.

Thank you.

DH 10.18.2005

Posted by lumi at October 20, 2005 08:26 AM